Sailing, snorkeling, fishing Bocas del Toro Panama

A private sailing tour, swimming, snorkeling, fishing and creating a perfect day in Bocas del Toro Panama.
Mangroves are a breeding, feeding and nursery grounds for many estuarine and marine organisms. After sailing with the dolphins in Dolphin Bay, you can experience mangrove snorkeling. It is the first reef we visit and is especially unique because it’s very shallow and you can snorkel through the mangroves root system! From here we raise the sails and let the wind take us sailing to The Garden, Isla Solarte, where you will once again have the experience of snorkeling. “The Garden” is a perfect reef to explore. Large coral heads, schools of Parrotfish, coupled angel fish and marine life of all kinds await your curious eyes. From here we raise the sails enjoy fresh fruit and sail back to the island, “tranquilo style.”


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing this! I haven’t been sailing in years and this really inspired me to get back on the waters.

  2. The best snorkeling is among the mangroves, rather than the beaches. Fish feel safer there because they can hide, and it s fun to snorkel among the mangroves. If you want to snorkel the coral reefs, most of them are offshore and generally you will need a boat to get there.

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